Empathy School Ubud is a nature school that offers emotionally-intelligent, hands-on education for children ages 2-11(and their parents). Empathy School International was developed at Harvard, follows the latest research in holistic and evidence-based education. We believe that through exposure to nature, individualized focus, and a strong foundation in social-emotional learning our students will grow to become the compassionate leaders and changemakers of tomorrow. Classes start at 8:30am and run until 3:00pm. Every student is provided organic, plant-based, healthy snacks and lunches.

Our Vision

True Leadership is born from empathy. When our children are taught how to use empathy and experience it in every classroom, they are able to resolve conflicts on the playground, regulate their emotional state, find and follow their passions, and become the leaders whom they were born to be. It is upon a foundation of empathy that our children will build a better world. 

Focus on our Teachers

Empathy School delivers 300 hours per year of Teacher training in order to ensure that students get the highest quality education possible. Philosophy and curriculum are simply not enough. Our Founder, Eric Gonzalez-Payne, has 15 years of experience teaching, training teachers, and leading Education programs. He is dedicated to ensuring that teachers have the support and knowledge they need to give your child the best education possible.

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