1. Art, Music, Drama(5 hours)
  1. Journaling. Students should choose an event that they love from the day and draw it in the student journals. At least 3 times per week.
  2. Mini-City: Making houses for their doll city(use Hot-glue gun).
  3. Free painting
  4. 3d art-Making figures with the 3d pen. (the pen can be hot)
  5. Nature art-Collecting leaves and sticks to make art.
  6. Clay art
  7. Singing-they can sing songs they like or just sing about what they see
  8. Instruments-kids play with the many instruments we have.
  9. Build scenes for the drama.
    1. Costume Design with Masha, for the drama.
    2. Drama storytelling, 
    3. Drama Practice
    4. Drama Performance