We have a garden to table food program. Our teacher-permaculture expert Purwa supports our students to understand and care about our land and plants.

This slow and beautiful process fosters a deeper connection with nature and produces an abundance of vegetables for lunchtime. Beyond what we grow ourselves, we source our vegetables, fruits, and grains from reputable organic farms around the island.

We provide in-season fruit-snacks in the morning and throughout the day. Our lunch is a nutrition well balanced vegan meal cooked by trained chefs. We care a lot about what we feed our children and adults, all the produces are sourced from local organic farms and our own garden. Carefully washed and prepared, cooked with very low amount of oil and seasoning. This light weight, fresh, tasty,love- loaded meal satisfied the picky eaters.

If parents decide to pack a snack, we request that it is a healthy snack of fruits and vegetables,and it’s enough to share with others. No sugary drinks, snacks such as candy bars, chocolates, cookies are permitted here.

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