A single star guides no one, we need a sky full of them to find our way.

Empathy School Bali is proud to be supported by a robust team of international advisors who support us on every step of our development.

Linda Nathan is a Harvard Lecturer and the founder of the Boston Arts Academy, and is highly involved in supporting our schools’ leadership, and curriculum development.

Two decades ago Kiran Bir Seth developed our sister school Riverside School in India. Riverside has since evolved into a world changing organization that has affected our whole world. Kiran focuses on empowering children with leadership projects they can begin at an early age.

Yifan Sun is an Associate Professor of Education at the Rudolf Steiner University and has worked with our team for years in helping students fully find and embrace their passions in life. Yifan offers Professional development for our teachers and advising us on Walldorf methodologies.

Barbra Larson and Doug Dolstad have worked with our Leadership team for years to develop strong Social Emotional Learning programs based on Marshal Rosenburg’s Non-Violent Communication – A Langue of Life. Barbra and Doug work with us to ensure our team functions smoothly, our teachers get the training they need, and our school vision and mission stay on track!

Antoine Béland is an international SEL sorcerer experienced in systems thinking, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Antoine conducts Teacher Professional Development, and supports curriculum development.

Nate founded a non-profit group in Thailand called ‘Less Plastic’. His passion for sustainability and community participation makes him an ideal candidate for Empathy school’s group of talented staff. He’s also an accomplished designer and entrepreneur who has been involved in numerous projects in art and design.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nethansu/


Carla Bijaya is a harvard-educated architect focusing on long-term sustainability in Indonesia. Her work is incredibly creative and nature immersive. She is often called the Frank Lloyd Wright of Indonesia.