. Math (4.5 hours)

  1. Target math. Drop toys on a target, each kid writes the number their toy lands on and adds up the numbers.
  2. Archer– Dennis and Eric join the kids to shoot arrows, Kids count their fathers’ points.
  3. Measure everything!
    1. Use a tape measure to measure distance and compare. How many A in B?
    2. Use the scale to measure weight. How about A in B?
  4. Cheatsheet– Kids write a times table cheat sheet and are asked math questions, can look at the sheet for reference. 
  5. Dice gameshttps://www.weareteachers.com/dice-games/ * note we also have dice with higher numbers.
  6. Number grids- https://www.helpingwithmath.com/printables/worksheets/numbers/1nbt4-number-grid-puzzles01.htm
  1. Chalk Math– students write math on the stones and brick flooring.
  2. Printed math games

Driving Math– Kids drive for coins and add the numbers up in their heads.