Our Edu-heroes

Eric MPA, M.Ed Leadership

Eric has 15 years of experience as a teacher and principal and holds a Master’s in Education Leadership(with a focus on School Development) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education as well as a Masters in Non-Profit Administration from the University of Georgia. Eric has taught classes, trained teachers, and led education programs all around the world.


  1. Project in developing early literacy, situational empathy and self-efficacy through parent-child interaction – https://hilt.harvard.edu/funding-opportunities/previously-awarded-projects/projects/life-bonus/
  2. Project in ProcedReal: Enroll to allows you to practice the college application process safely on your device – https://hilt.harvard.edu/funding-opportunities/previously-awarded-projects/projects/procedreal-enroll/

Dr. Lissa (Medical Consultant)

She is our first aid lady on call. She is gentle and handy while attending to our wounded kids. Loose teeth are her expertise considering she is a dentist. Although she is a dentist, she loves candy and bubble gum, as long as we are keeping the teeth healthy, who wouldn’t like it?

Mr. Nico (Pilot in Command)

He is a multi-talented man that helps keep the school running. He likes to play football with our kids and is always there whenever kids need helps. He comes to Bali in hope of living a more fulfilling life and connects with nature, he left a well-established job and moved the whole family to Bali. 

Ms. Gita (Teacher)

Ms. Gita is a trustworthy, kind-hearted, quite empathetic and sensitive person. She likes to stay simple and enjoys every moment of her life including teaching. She loves teaching kids since they are pure, cute, and energetic, and she loves getting along with kids. She would love to develop her teaching qualities to the maximum level of perfection.

Mr. Roby (Teacher)

Mr. Roby is reliable to handle any confrontation between children. He will discuss how are they feeling and what is the solution so everyone is happy. He teach social emotional learning skills to help you identify your own emotions. If you are sad or having emotional problems, he is there to listen. Other than helping you with your emotion, he loves to play football and tag games!

Ms. Wayan (Guardian)

Our house mother that taking care of availability of fruits, vegetables, water, and make sure our school clean and fresh! She also make sure every kids attended with teacher and in class. She is gentle and also firm to makes sure everything goes well in our school.

Ms. Erma (Guardian)

She is our lady in charge for our timetable. She makes sure every child have their classes and in their class. She is also the bell ring bearer to alerts everyone of beginning of the class, switching class, end off class, and lunch time! She is everywhere, always!

Mr. Randy (Teacher)

He is our early years star. Our early years kids loves him to an extend they never leave him alone. He likes to teach and explore 3d printing for our kids. He always there for kids to join on their adventures!

Ms. Hesti (Teacher)

Who is likes math and science? Come and join ms. Hesti class. She can teach you about solar panels, water turbines, counting flowers, and other projects within our surrounding nature. She also likes spend time to play trampoline with kids. She is fun and smart lovely lady.

Mr. Kadek (Teacher)

He is the master of clay and bamboos structuring. If you want to build an adobe house for rabbits, pick fruits, learn about snakes and other nature knowledge, come and visit his gazebo! He also expert on our adventure experiences for kids. He guards and protects our kids while we have adventure activities.

Ms. Novi (Teacher)

She is our painter Muse! Every child loves her class. They can express their emotions and feelings through their painting. One of our kids said “When I grow up I want to be just like Ms. Novi – Covered in paint everyday!”

Mr. Randy Lay (Teacher)

He is teaching language class. He likes to tell stories in excitement to an extend our kids won’t move until the stories done. HIs class is so enjoyable and our kids always asks him to teach them. A big friend in this big world!

Ms. Arika (Teacher)

She is our balinese culture expert! She is always the first one to pray when we visit a new site and dance when the Balinese music starts. She likes to teach our kids balinese dance and making offering class from leaves and flowers. Our kids love how good and beautiful she is while dancing!

Mr. Wayan (Guardian)

He is our land-taker. He attend to our animals such as ducks, guinea pigs, and dogs. He also our grass-cutter, seed planter, and compost digger. He helps our nature alive and bring life to every bit of it. We thankful with help of him this school run smoothly!

Ms. Putu (Teacher)

She is so gentle with the kids. She teach early years to read and counts. Simple basic read and counts. Kids always look for her when it’s nap time. No one is better on getting kids to sleep other than her! It’s zzz time!

Ms. Sandra (Teacher)

She is our early years Godmother! Every time younger kids are sad or cry, Ms. Sandra’s name will be always the first thing comes out from their mouth. She is attentive to our kids needs. She always there to help and support our kids. Every kids love her.

Ms. Putu (Chef)

Cooking kids-loved healthy food is not easy, but Putu nails it down! Even picky eaters love her plant-based lunch and always ask for more. When the bell’s ringing at lunchtime, kids run fast to be the first in the line. Her hobby is hunting good foods in Bali so she can always learn to give our kids the best food.