Education for Self Realization

“How do small butterflies

Find their way through the skies

To a home that is 5000 miles away?

And the planets and the starts, 

Each know which path is theirs?

They go on spinning in time

Through the vastness of space. 

Am I different from these?

Is someone guiding me?

How can I truly know

Where is the right way to go?

When my spirit takes flight

Comes an answer in the night.

Something I have always known.

I am never alone

I am never alone”

-Neohumanist Song composed to guide children towards devotion as a way of being in the world

Our method of learning focuses on embracing the highest consciousness and opening and expanding the mind, not staying within the box. Nothing in our curriculum supports dogma or pseudo culture, but rather is based on social equality and rationality. It is also not based on Self sentiment, Social sentiment or Humanist sentiment. Our alternative education curriculum is based on Neohumanist Education, which is devotional sentiment and is guided by Yama and Niyama as moral conduct.

The curriculum consists of daily lessons in Mathematics, English, Social Sciences, Indonesian Language, Morning Circle (a structured time for spiritual practice) and Language Arts. The children have weekly Ahimsa Project classes as well. The difference between having daily lessons as opposed to lessons on and off throughout the week for subjects such as Math and English, is it no longer feels like studying, it’s just part of the children’s life routine, like meals, a habit. The children at this Bali school have Science lessons twice a week.  Our teachers create the Social Sciences curriculum through themes based on cultures from around the world, studied throughout the term. At the end of each term the children showcase what thy have learned and rehearsed throughout the term during a final performance full of dance and song and uplifting plays.

We take all the local wisdoms, dress, music, songs and traditions, yet remain open to the equal wisdoms of all cultures. We delve more into these though the themes each term. In the past the children have explored cultural wisdoms from places such as India, South America, Egypt and most recently the United Kingdom, to name a few. We integrate what we take from these cultures rich diversities with our unique and beautiful local Balinese culture as well as Indonesian culture.  Standing as an alternative international school in Bali we have a distinctive approach to this pursuit. We dedicate time each term to  have discussions on spiritual personalities and great figures throughout time. For families who are looking for a regular school, please be encouraged to look elsewhere as this is not a regular school.