Our Foundations

Strong Leadership

Strong leaders must have vision, creativity and, most importantly, the ability to influence others to support them in the challenges.

Pillars of Education

Quality education is based on three equally important pillars: quality teaching, quality tools and quality environments for teaching and learning.

Student Evaluation

Student evaluation is an assessment by learners of the service provided by the institution of all aspects of the learning experience.

Developing Young Leaders

About Us

Empathy School Ubud is a nature school that offers emotionally-intelligent, hands-on education for children ages 2-11(and their parents). Empathy School International was developed at Harvard, follows the latest research in holistic and evidence-based education. We believe that through exposure to nature, individualized focus, and a strong foundation in social-emotional learning…

Meet Our Teachers

Mr. Roby

Mr. Roby is reliable to handle any confrontation between children. He will discuss how are they feeling and what is…

Ms Gita

Ms. Gita is a trustworthy, kind-hearted person, quite Empathetic and sensitive. She likes to stay simple and enjoys every moment…

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